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"During these courses we work on learning simple techniques so that we can more easily use our creative abilities and express what we desire to. The purely technical part is about the use of tools and the tools that we have available in the world of oil painting. We work with the image's structure, perspective, composition and self-expression.

Furthermore we go into more detail about the colors and how we can use them in our favour. By getting to know the colors better, and to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. A sense of mastery is a key word on this course, and I also have an ambition that participants may experience painting as a therapeutic and meditative exercise.

The calmness, the presence, the attention and the creativity are all factors that you process in the face of the canvas, the colors, the shapes and your expression. It is the path that is the goal, and this way of anchoring oneself in the present is absolutely unique.

My courses are suitable for any artist regardless of skill and experience level, or age. My goal is to teach simple techniques that everyone can learn. And if you can find your way of expression through such a course, then my goal is fulfilled."

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"Many people experience oil paint as a difficult medium to start working with on their own, unfortunately this has become a common impression when it comes to oil paint. When you don't know where to start and how to move forward in a picture, it can often become frustrating.

To make it easier, we focus on learning from other people's experiences to avoid the mistakes that people have made before you. On such a course, I will do my best to give an introduction to the world of oil painting, an introduction to how to use different mediums and tools to facilitate the processes in painting.

We will work on learning technical skills so that we can more easily use our creative abilities and more easily express what we desire to. How the use of the tools we have available in the world of oil painting comes to practice. We also go into more detail about the colors and and how to use them.

Hopefully you will also experience paint as a unique form of mental tranquil. Trying this on a regular basis is a good way to find out if oil painting is for you. Everyone can paint, and learning a few "tricks" can be a good way to get started."

- Kenneth Laugen

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