What is colors?

Color arises from light waves which are a form of electromagnetic energy.
Our eyes can only perceive the light waves in the form of white light waves between 400 and 700 nanometers. From violet to red.

We humans perceive colors both subjectively and objectively. In the human eye, we all have the same physiological base for seeing colors, and colors have an effect on us that pretty much is the same for everyone. But part of the color experience is still very individual and personal. Colors affect you from morning to night. All these visual impressions affect your visual experience in varying degrees throughout the day, depending on the strength of the colors.

How conscious are you in relation to, for example, the colors of the clothes you wear every day?

No matter what impression you percieve through your eyes, the optic nerve then sends signals to our body that it must respond to what our eyes see. Therefore, every color our eyes come in contact with will effect your mood, your physical movements, your language and your thoughts.

What does this mean for us when we paint?

We choose the colors we begin to paint with, this is a deliberate act, or is it simply an unconscious reaction to the mood we are in?
When we plan and compose a picture, we are influenced by our logic, and for many this is a form of security. Sometimes this is just right for us, depending on the mood we want to convey. When we try to disconnect the logic and give the control to our emotions, the logic will try to take control and rid us of the unconscious images that lies within us. This is partly because there is only one side of the brain that dominates at a time.

By training ourselves to drop some more of the logic control, we can move more to our creative world. It has tremendous potential where we can develop many several aspects of ourselves, this will also enhance our creativity in logical composed images. To disconnect the logic and its effects is very natural for some, while others have to work more to do it, and vice versa.

We can briefly look at how the different parts of the brain is working:

The left side:
Use words to describe
Uses symbols
Extracts information from the totality
The concept of time
Trust the facts and reasoning
Poor perception of spatial relationships
Thinking linear; chains of thoughts.

The right side:
Uses gestures and pictures in descriptions
Summarized; seeking the overall picture
See things as they are
Connecting parallels and similarities
No concept of time
Trust your intuition and instincts
Good sense of spacious conditions
Thinking holistically, seeking patterns that combine thoughts to see the whole picture.

Our goal is to teach us the ability to move between these ways of thinking, so that we are more able to create and render our potential as creative human beeings.

Have an outstanding day with lots of love and care.

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