“The Estonian angel”


uten-led1-177x300 copy

Finally the UV prints are up and running, and I am very pleased with the results.
The first print beeing made in this version is the Estonian angel.

It came to life in 2007.

At that time I was asked by a friend of mine if I would go on a trip to Estonia. The goal of this trip was to go over with food, clothes, medicine, toys etc to the Russians in Estonia who have had a hard time when Estonia became independent. We visited the rubbish heaps, orphanages, churches and apartment buildings where people really struggled to survive. On the rubbish heap, I got a very good connection with a Russian woman, she was a former nurse with an incredibly big heart. She cried and talked a lot, in russian, while holding her hand over her heart. I asked the interpreter what she said, and he told me that she didn’t want for us to carry their burdens as we went home, she wanted to be remembered for who she was and not for how we saw her now. She ment that if we carried their sorrows with us it would be even harder for them. Talk about bighearted.

The same night I dreamed that I talked to her again, but in the dream she was an angel.
The next day we drove past a huge factory area, outside the gate there stood a statue and I asked the bus driver if he could stop so I could take a picture of this statue. When I got home I worked on a skecth from the photo, added colors to it and a few weeks later the painting was finished.

This painting meant a lot to me and I just sold it this summer.

You can read more about the prints here.

Have a nice day and enjoy the day to the fullest.



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