Monday morning sunshine.

What a great start to the day. It’s amazing what some rays of light can give, pure energy, ten times better than redbull. Have a wonderful and inspiring day, it’s yours. Let this be a day where no one pushes you aside, do not let anyone step on YOU, YOUR opinions, YOUR thoughts or YOUR […]

Black and white.

Are White and Black colors?  There are just about as many opinions about that as there are people caring about it. Technically speaking, white is not a color at all, at least not in the sense that there is a lightwave with a wavelength that is characteristic of white. Rather, white is the combination of […]


How do we see? When you look at a beautiful painting or witness a gorgeous sunset, dont you ever wonder, “How is it that I am able to see that?” What enables us to see the light and experience such wonderful shades of color during the course of our everyday lives? Some may take seeing for granted, […]

The color blue.

Blue’s birthright is the right to speak your own truth . Blue is all about communication, and finding a creative way of expression yourself, both orally, in writing and through the arts. It supports the feeling of equality, knowledge, wisdom and peace. Loyalty, honesty, friendliness and kindness, are also keywords for the color blue. Blue brings calm […]

Helgekurs Oljemaling.

Etter en del forespørsler har det nå åpnet seg for en mulighet for et helgekurs i oljemaling før jul. Dato; Lørdag 8 og Søndag 9 Nov. Kl. 11.00 -19.00 Påmeldingsfrist:  Onsdag 5 Nov.  Pris: 2.400.- pr pers, inkludert utstyr. Alt du trenger å ta med deg er klær du ikke er redd for og godt humør. Ta kontakt […]


Amazing what the human body is capable of. This is such an inspiring and impressive achievement to watch. From Cirque Du Soleil’s: Journey of a man. Enjoy!

New Frames.

After spending some days with a frame maker, we finally found a model that works very nice on my paintings. The size was perfect, they neutralizes the painting just enough, without adding or subtracting to much from the motive itself. Some of the frames will also be added details to make the frame more a […]

Its just a ride.

Bill Hicks, the standup comedian from the US.  He had a lot to pinpoint, and he wasnt afraid to kick in any direction. This is the last 1,44 min of his show “Revelations”, something to think about, for all of us. The last part says it all so well; “But it doesn’t matter, because… it’s […]

Proud I am.

So proud to see that another one of my paintings have turned up on somebodys body. Its understandable that the whole painting wouldnt fit, but its really moving to see that someone want to use parts of my work on their body to last for the rest of ther life. Im in awe by such […]

Exhibition Clarion Hotel Bergen

New exhibition at Clarion Hotel Bergen, Flesland Airport, opened yesterday the 10.06.13, and it will be open until the 31.07.13.  Finally I got a chance to show some of my work in the unique and wonderful city of Bergen. Its not that far from Bergen City so I hope the locals will take the time […]

The Color Green

Green is the color that is right in the middle of  the color wheel and is neutral, it is in balance because it is either hot or cold. It is our emotional energy and color of the healing power of the nature. Green is purged and regenerating, it is both physical and emotional. It is the color for […]

Anatomical rules

When you work with drawing and painting, the anatomy lessons are important. Its strange to see that the anatomical rules are built upon limitiations. So when I work with drawing/painting bodies I allways try to work within the rules I have learned about the body. And that works pretty fine, until people like this show […]

He is back!!!

The Exorsist is back and this time he brought his daugther at 4, and his girlfriend. Amazing….and truly inspirational, enjoy.  

The color orange.

  Orange is the color that stimulates us both emotionally and through appetite, it represents the feminine power of our emotions. It’s about accepting and giving emotion, joy, lust and sexual passion, change, movement, new ideas, health, family and tolerance. And to work in harmony and creativity with others. Orange is knowledge through the emotions, the senses […]

The color red.

Just wanted to try to give some general information about colors and how they affect us from a colortherapeutic view. Maybe this can give you some more insight to my and paintings in general. For my part I think colors are just as important, if not more important, then the motive. I use colors to emphasize […]

What is a painting?

“Painting is a mode of creative expression, and the forms are numerous. Drawing, composition or abstraction and other aestehetics may serve to manifest the expressive and conceptual intention of the practitioner. Paintings can be naturalistic and representational (as in a still life or landscape painting), photographic, abstract, be loaded with narrative content, symbolism, emotion or […]

“The softness of the violin”

Oil on canvas 2008 60×72 cm For sale Contact me for more info about this painting, and feel free to share if you like what you see.

“From within”

Oil on canvas 2007 75×100 cm Sold Contact me for more info about this painting, and feel free to share if you like what you see.


Oil on canvas 2001 90x70cm For sale Contact me for more info about this painting, and feel free to leave a comment.  


Oil on canvas 2000 60x82cm For sale Contact me for more info about this painting, and feel free to share if you like what you see.