We have nothing to fear but fear itself.


The new word, for the most of us, that gives chill in the entire body and soul.
Lockdowns, seperation, distance and what not, that emerges like a result of all these fear based materials and information being presented to us everywhere we twist and turn.

And what is the base behind all this FEAR, the four letter word that we are picking up on so early in life, passed on by our parents, that got it from their parents and so the story goes? If we strip down fear to one thing, remove all of the surface fear, what are we left with, isnt it the fear of dying? Isnt that the base of all our fear?
I mean, comon, death is just as normal as birth, its a natural part of life.
And hey folks, death is coming, in a matter of seconds, minutes, days, months, years, we might not know when, but its coming, rest assured about that. Sorry to shatter your illusion, but its coming.

As I am writing this right now, a lot of people are dying all over the planet, it is said to be around a 160 people a minute, thats about 4,679,452 a month.
But on the hine side, a lot of people are beeing born to, so its a part of life, get used to it, nothing is more natural than that. And the sooner we fall at peace with the fact that we ARE indeed dying, maybe we can start to appreicate life more too.
Unfortunately the human race think its superior to life itself, like gods we think we are supposed to live forever. Well, in one way we are, but maybe not in the sense we think, and by the way, who wants to live forever in this shape and form?
There are cultures that celebrate death, we are not one of them, if we look at life like a journey and always remembering that death will sneak upon us one day, then maybe we can start to appreciate life a lot more too.

When the Covid presented itself for the first time in “The News”, (this is the sentence where the conspiracy card can be pulled) I wanted to gain a bit more knowledge about it, just to see if all the fuzz, chaos and fear was legit.
The more I look into it, the more I understand that I dont really feel any smarter or wiser, cause some say one thing and others proof it the other way around.
Then I stumbeled upon this video, I would recommend listen to the whole video, but what really caught my attention was the last part of the video, from 1:11:11 till the end, thats like 10 min of your precious time.
He sums it up in such a beautiful way and I am so happy to discover that there are people in this world that sees the world through open eyes, not through the veil of fear, just because that is the way we are brought up.

Fuck fear, its about time that we learn to control fear and not the other way around. Fear is what tears us apart, what tears us down and leave us like sheep running around following those with the highest voices, the most important positions and those with the most power. Because we believe they know better then us. Fear is within us all, learn to know your fear, become friend with your fear, its a part of you….but dont give it the power it doesnt deserve!

In old Rome, when the first christians were thrown to the lions in the arenas, they were singing, singing!!
I mean, how annoying for those in power, that didnt get the entertainment or the fear out of it that they were looking for. I bet a lot of spectators scrathced their head and wondered why they didnt show fear.

As long as we leave fear in power, we will always be its slave. But fear is all in our mind, within each and everyone of us, but who are the master of our mind?
I leave you to figure out the answer for yourself.

Invest 10 min of your life and maybe it will do something about how you view yourself and the world around you.
Stay well and take care of yourself, it all starts and ends within yourself.


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