Personal painting.

Would you like a personal painting on your wall? Made especially for you?

“A womans mind” Oil on canvas. 60×40 cm.

Now you have the opportunity, and I am looking for new challenges.
Over the years, I have taken on many assignments where the customer want a special painting to adorn their wall.
When I receive an order I set up an booking hour. Here we agree on all details regarding the order, size, colors, motifs, prices and a payment plan, if desired.
The impact of such meetings can vary greatly from time to time, sometimes I get complete freedom in the making of the painting, other times we agree on color choices and parts of the motif etc.

“Luna” Oil on canvas. 100×80 cm. Some choose to have their animal friends painted.

The production time of such a painting may vary, depending on how many other assignments that are being worked on at the same time, but there is no problem agreeing on the time aspect of the finished painting.
We can also take care of the framing of the finished painting in cooperation with the customer, if that is desired.

“Memories Svartlamon” Oil on canvas. 100×160 cm.

The price of such a work is hard to predict, it depends on size, use of materials and how detailed the customer wants the finished painting.
The customer gets to participate in the development of the painting and gets the opportunity to speak out along the way, if desired.
This has led to many exciting and educational processes, both for the customer and me as an artist.

“Made in heaven” Oil on canvas. 100×80 cm. Wedding painting.

We always agree on the price category in advance, it is quite possible to pay for the painting in one sum or get the amount split up over time.
If you want to split up the payment then we can agree upon delivery time of the painting, so its ready when the full amount is paid in.
We set up a payment plan together, and agree on the price of the finished painting, with or without frame.
But please be out in good time if you want to have the painting ready within a month or so.

“Love of a mother” Oil on canvas. 40×60 cm. Not necessarily a portrait, but just as personal anyway.

Has it happened that the customer has been dissatisfied?
Luckily, I can happily say NO. So far…
But that can also be resolved, if it should happen.
Should you for some reason not to be satisfied, then it is money back guarantee and I reserve the right to sell the painting to someone else.
All the paintings have its own title, which will not in any way identify the customer.

“Starchild” Oil on canvas. 200×70 cm.

These are all examples of how different the finished paintings can turn out, both in size, color, shape and motif.
Each painting has its very own unique story and I am so lucky to have taken part in them all.

“Britney” 80×80 cm. Maybe something for the teenager?

Should this be something for you, or if you know someone who deserves a personalized gift like this, just contact us by mail, or per. tel. +4791189382.

“Center of attention” Oil on canvas. 120x100cm.

Feel free to use the contact form below for any questions about your own personal painting.

I wish you a brilliant day.

Best regards

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