“The fall of the morning star”

Oil on canvas 2018
100 x 120 cm
For Sale

When Stanislav was in Norway this summer I asked him if he wanted to make the frame to this painting, and the result was mindblowing, its filled with gems, stones, colored glass, mirror and resin, on a wood based frame.
Have a look at the video and you can get an idea about the effects of it.
And what a joy to put the painting into this frame.
We have had the exhibition going for about a week here in Prague now and the reactions are overwhelming, the synergy we created with this work can be felt in the gallery, and by the visitors.
And for me, the frame gives me the feeling that the 2 dimensional painting enters the 3 dimensional sphere through the effects of the frame.
So thankful that Stanislav did this job and lifted the painting up to a new level.

I have to excuse the quality of the video, since I had to edit it on my phone.

The music is created by Christina Undhjem, especially made for this painting, I cant describe how thankful I am for the work she put into this song. She nailed it, and it amplifies the energy in this work by allowing the viewer to be stimulated through more senses.

Contact me for more info about this painting.


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