“The Creator”

When Stanislav Geissler was in Norway this summer we agreed upon making a collaberation piece, The Creator.

The only thing we agreed upon was the shape, size and title.
The rest of the creation we left up to the creator within us.
We firmly believe that we are all connected in one way or another, conscious or not, and that we all are a part of a collective consciousness wether we like it or not.
We are not talking about this consciousness as a social phenomena, or through the definitions of social norms and whatnot.
We believe that we are more then physical beeings, our “reality” are based upon our senses, experiences and knowledge, that we basically recieve from other people. And by now we have to understand that our senses, experiences and knowledge can easliy be manipulated. We define truth as something that excists, because since so many people believe the same thing, it has to be true or real.

So we wanted to test this through this collaberation. We had limited information to work from, I had no idea what he was doing and he had no idea what I was doing, so imagine the excitement when we put this piece together.

Here is my contribution:

My ideas came from the title, The Creator.
“I am”, the creator. Many may connect this to the biblical sentence: “I am that, I am”. So I felt that the power in these words were crucial to a piece like this.

“You are” the creator. Well, without you there arent really anybody to observe the art, so when you see something through your eyes, you are the creator. Through your perception you define something as good or bad, as meaningful, as fear or love, and so forth. You are the creator of your life, you are the one that makes the decitions, good or bad. The more conscious you are, the more you create to life you want to live.


And in the end, “We are” the creator. If we define something as a creator of all there is, we are all part of it, that means we are also a part of the creator itself.

These 3 paintings are all filled with symbolism that I wont go deeper into, but hopefully you, as a creator, will discover it as you take a deeper look into it, not only with your eyes 😉

When it comes to Stanislavs part, there is also a lot of symbolism in it.
His work is made of glasspieces, different crystals, stones, mirrors, ledlight, and so forth.
Some of the glass pieces looks broken, but thats all a part of the idea behind The Creator. Not everything looks perfect to the eye, and so it is in real life too, we may judge a situation or people, to be bad for us by the first glance. But once we become comfortable with the situation it might show us a different result then we first expected.

And here is the result when we put it all together.



A short video presentation of the whole piece.

We were very happy with the result and we hope you are too.
We saw a lot of similarities in the finsihed piece that I wont go deeper into here, but the biggest one was the circles in 2 of my paintings and the circles in Stanislavs work.
So yeah, The Creator and the creators doesnt seem to have any limitations when it comes to time and place.
Dare I say there is collective consciouness on another level then the physical, well, I’ll let the finished piece talk for itself.
And for you, as a creator, its totally up to you how you want to percieve it.
We hope you enjoy it.

The size of the piece:

The wodden frame is 7cm all the way around, its exhibited in Prague now, and today on the 10th of december its not yet sold, so please contact us if you or your company should be interested in it.

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