Happy New Year.

Well, its that time of year again.

The end of something that has been and the beginning of something new, basically the same thing we can say about every day.
But when we recap all the happenings of a whole year its a lot more to take in.
The most important thing, for me, is to be thankful of all the special moments that has gone by, but left a mark in the mind and in the heart.
And there are so many, from all the new people I have met and gotten to know.The opinions shared and hopefully learned from, the people you consider your friends, your children and family and their happness and progress, the blessings of beeing able to continue doing what you love to do, all the beautiful images I been so blessed to have noticed, the sharing of good moments with others, the ups and downs and all the not-so-good things, that usually are growth in disguise. Its not always easy to see it that way, but in retrospective its a lot easier to see behind the illusions that we create with our emotions and minds.
I hope the new year will bring bigger and better experiences, more growth, more challenges that we can grow from and even more love between us all and our surroudings. We have to learn to cherish ourself and how we spend our moments more, that way we can be safer and more stable within ourselfs. Something that everyone around us will be able to benefit from.
So with the best wishes for you and your family, for your friend and your foe, your parents and your children, the near and the far, the inner and the outer, the mind and the soul I wanna wish you all a



may this be your best year ever.

Because YOU deserve it.

Have a nice and unforgettable one.

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