Art fair Barcelona.

Just got back from an amazing Art Fair in Barcelona. I am not very well known in this city so it was kind of exciting to go there for an art fair, escpecially when you think about how known Barcelona is for its art and art life.

However, when we found out where the art fair was held, my jaw dropped down to my knees, Casa Batllò. Wow, one of Antoni Gaudí’s masterpieces, just amazing, art in the art.

casa batllo

If you havent seen this building, make sure you check it out if you visit Barcelona, truly amazing and inspirering.

DSC_0128 DSC_0121

A lot of visitors and a lot of exciting artist from all over the world.

DSC_0153 DSC_0152    DSC_0125

It was kinda exciting beeing the only Norwegain artist there.


It was fun to see that noone had seen a acrylic glass print with LED behind before, it caught the intention of a lot of people.

DSC_0150  DSC_0123

But the paintings that caught most attention was “The Shift” and “The Devourer Of Time”. The biggest experience was that people seemed to react just the same way as they do in Norway, and that was a very interesting. So there will be more fairs like this, thats for sure. And I am so thankful for meeting so many new people, new contacts and fellow artist, not to mention all the interesting deep conversations with the visitors and their reaction from all over the world.

And a very special thank to Joelle, the glowing soul behind the whole fair, you are unique and inspiering, thank you so much for beeing you.



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