Favourite Dali

This is one of my favourite Dali paintings. It’s called, “The Swallow’s Tail” and was painted in 1983. It is said to be the last painting he made, I dont know if thats true, but it doesnt really matter. He said about this painting; ” Now it is no longer a matter of pure imagination, of my moods and dreams, of automatism. Now I am painting the meaning that derives directly from my existence, my illness or my vital memories” For me, this painting has a certain calmness to it, the rythm, the flow, the lines and the choice of colors, its almost as if you can hear the violin through his brushstrokes. And it feels like his soul finally has found piece within, for a while, but as you can see in the middle of the painting, it seems like there is something pushing against the back of the canvas and want out. A small rift is starting to spread, who knows what lies behind. I can just sit and stare at this one and let my mind flow away, so many thoughts and emotions beeing brought to life by some brushes and colors on a canvas, fascinating. But these are just my thoughts, as your thoughts should be yours when you see and ponder upon this masterpiece. If you compare it to all of his other works, where there is so much chaos, his strong symbolism, his incredible strong ideas beeing brought to life, the simplicity in this one always get me. Hope you like it to. Enjoy, and have a wonderful day.

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