Offset print “Starchild.”

This is the first one of the offsetprints that were made.

The method is a further development of lithographic printing (so-called direct pressure) and is based on the contrast ratio between fat and water. The pressure plate is in most cases made of aluminum and are chemically treated on the surface. The original is photographic or electronically transmitted to the printing plate which is then wrapped around a cylinder of the printing press, where its kept moist and applied color. The color is smeared or deposited (set off) on a rubber cylinder that transfers the ink to the paper. The pressure plate is not in direct contact with the paper. Offset printing is a so-called pressure leveled printing as opposed to high-and gravure printing form which have depressions or elevations of the color.

We chose to use 300g Exidon high quality paper, and were very happy with the results.

All prints are handsigned and in limited editions, the formats are 100xA4 and 50xA3. They are extracts from original paintings and there will not be made anymore copies then the existing ones.




Here with passpartou and frame, take into account that the gray levels vary slightly from the original.

You can go to my webshop to find more info about the print, both in A4 and A3.



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