The color purple.

Purple symbolizes the third eye, the intuitive and the fearlessness.

Most of our deeper issues are associated with purple, like the meaning of life. We have most of the answers available in ourselves, but it requires a positive relationship with purple. In the ancient Rome, the open purple people with their free mindset, were sent to the lions. And when they entered the arena they entered it singing with no fear, cause they knew that this was not a termination. It is very few people today that has their purple center in place.

You can notice people with a positive relationship with the purple as if they are 100 % in place in their own energy, they radiate silence and security together with joy and laughter.

The purple personality knows that life on earth is a visit and that “home” is deeper rooted in the universe, and that the universe has a deeper connection to one’s own body and mind. This is also reflected by their connection to all the living things around them.

Purple is dependent on the association with the divine creative power, and as human beeings we are created with a spiritual dimension. Purple also retains all the answers to our main purposes here on earth. It is linked directly to your soul, just like your soul has been linked to the universe since the beginning of time.

Purple shows you the secret of your dreams and it will lead you to the deeper truth within yourself.

When you use purple in the right way you’ll never feel alone again, it is the truth and the life, it has the ability to lift you to a higher place than the earthly realms. The purple is one with everything and everyone, you will understand that nothing is impossible, or random, it gives you a deeper understanding of your earthly life.

The third eye is our inner sanctum, where we can pull ourselves back into ourselves, to have peace and freedom to reach deeper into ourselves and our existence. All intuitive energies spawns from this place, and here lies the potential for developing abilities like telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, psykokinesis and so forth. Being able to use such “skills” can only happen if you understand the difference between the subconscious and the conscious. The subconscious obey and act according to your orders, it has its own system and saves everything you say and do. The limitations of the subconscious are endless, it never sleeps and is always there to help you, and nothing is impossible for it. But we know too little about how it works and how we can influence it in a timely and efficient manner. It is said that the conscious mind uses less than a tenth of what our subconscious mind works with all around the clock.

Purple is about to seeing yourself in a larger context, and to see and understand that nothing is random, and in the moment we realize these things, we open up the purple energy. We are more than our physical body and we have unlimited possibilities that we’ve barely begun to see the range of. We have an exciting time ahead of us and allowing the color purple to become a bigger part of us and our mind, can help us to reach our potential easier.

Pardon my english, and have a wonderful purple weekend out there.

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