The color yellow.



Yellow is all about “beeing able to”.

It affects our will, personal power, authority, humor, energy, self-control and the ability to transmit knowledge.
Yellow vitalizes your thoughts from the brain of the universe where life’s blueprint of your life already is ready and waiting for you with all the opportunities you have.
Yellow energy is related to wisdom, wisdom in thought, word and deed. A human with the yellow energy in balance is like an open and spontaneous human beeing who can laugh and cry, be nervous and scared. On the whole, to be yourself in the states and moods you experience in your everyday life.

Yellow is about using your mental strength in affection and care for others. People with yellow dominance has a strong mental will and a natural affinity for learning. Everything related to education and knowledge attracts the yellow. Since they are people with a strong willpower they will often achieve what they strive for. It is very important for the yellow to listen to their subconscious, or inner voice, cause they can very easily suppress their other energies. What the yellow should learn is to take more chances, they should learn to dare and take non calculated risks. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Many people feel a sense of security and confidence to the correct and practical yellow intelligence, the yellow person can be challenging and critical, and they like competition, not to win but more to compete for knowledge. They like to take on people who they respect, people with more knowledge than themselves. A problem is for them an opportunity to learn and stimulate their intellectual needs for knowledge, they attack the problem with a logical and analytical appetite. This is a quality that makes them outstanding researchers and product developers. A yellow person is often self-critical and can behave arrogantly. Their need for perfection, both individually and for others can sometimes be a burden.

Although they are very systematic and like everything that can be made into lists and systems, they can be very absent-minded and forgetful, they may forget to take care of themselves.
They may be good in debates where the philosophical and intellectual sides of an issue is discussed. They are rarely rash, the are very good in the art of self-control, and they do not enjoy to argue with emotional people. It touches them and makes them restless and uncomfortable, because they usually have lots of emotions as an underlying volcano beneath the surface, they fear what might come up and what the result of the blowout can cause. This means that they tend to expel this further and further down into the subconscious.

The yellow energy gives sparks in the eyes, it shines with optimism, joy and triggers our creativity, and is said to be the “happiest” of all colors.

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