The color orange.


Orange is the color that stimulates us both emotionally and through appetite, it represents the feminine power of our emotions. It’s about accepting and giving emotion, joy, lust and sexual passion, change, movement, new ideas, health, family and tolerance. And to work in harmony and creativity with others.

Orange is knowledge through the emotions, the senses are your master and orange is a good color to enhance the experience of the present. It has close proximity to the water also, wich symbolizes emotions. It is creative and stimulates the dreamer in us. It is a powerful and electrifying energy that affect the enthusiasm and self-confidence, often described as a bubbling energy.

People who have dominance in orange are often natural and impulsive, but can easily become an emotional imbalance. They are often individualists with a warm heart for others, helpful and generous. They often hide their inner feelings and let others think what they want about them. Important for orange people are the search for balance and harmony. They may feel alone, and it is important to let your inner child run free, and be awake to enjoy the immediate.

Orange is the best stimulus and help for depression, loneliness, boredom, and is without doubt the best mental stimulation we have. Children often have a good and balanced orange energy, they have the ability to enjoy immediately and have fun in the game. Here we have something to learn, or teach us to remember, to find and take out the child in us.
Orange people like to work on something alive, something that lives and pulsates under its energy impact, such as flowers, children, food, clothing, skin and body, all that may be affected.

In the age from 8 to 14, the orange energy is very dominant. Self-control in pleasure, relaxation and movement are the most important lessons. Important to learn to control and cope with their feelings whether it be sadness, being tired themselves, feel insecure and unstable or excited, the happy and light feeling. Learn to tackle this positively and not get too overwhelmed by emotions, but see them as experiences that leads to the good learning lessons.
If you’re struggling with these feelings during these periods, many of them can remain in the body as blockages and block further development.

If you want to be noticed without a screaming color, orange is perfect, it attracts attention but like in a good and subtle way. It is not necessarily the most liked color, but it makes us feel good and it helps to stabilize us.

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