The color red.

Just wanted to try to give some general information about colors and how they affect us from a colortherapeutic view. Maybe this can give you some more insight to my and paintings in general. For my part I think colors are just as important, if not more important, then the motive. I use colors to emphasize the message/thoughts/emotions of the painting.

This is some general information about the color red.

Red symbolizes physical action and strong will, it is the hottest of the warm colors of color circle. Red is a masculine expanding energy, if we have a desire to change something we can use the energy of the color red. It gives vitality to the body, vigor, survivability and enlightment in your life.

Red in the positive sense symbolizes things related to the material world. Success, knowledge of the body, earthy individuality, stability, security, courage, patience and physical
health. In a negative sense it can enhance self-centeredness, insecurity, violence, greed and anger. It can make us overly concerned with our physical survival and body.

When the color red influences our physical behaviour it can tell us something about how well we are living our lifes according to our inner or higher goals. If we dont dare to live in harmony with ourself it can cause an imbalance in the autonomic control center and influence our hunger, thirst, sleep, breathing and for women, the menstrual cycle.
It can simply create blockages in our life energy.

Mental influences can cause us to be afraid of change and block our ability to innovation. An inability to digest the realities of life, can give us anxiety, and cause us to pull ourselves away and arouse our fighting instinct.

People with a strong red base are often very physical and earthy, they are not very philosophical but are accepting the terms of the physical life. They are often very direct in action, speech, and like everything that is easy. They are often entrepreneurs because of their ability to implement things. They are happy on their quest for knowledge and truth, and they like to use it for the good of all and not necessarily themselves.

When you feel you are in need of red energy, remember that red is hot and fiery. Red is intense and it gets the blood flowing faster in the veins and increases the blood pressure. Red can make you loud and turn you into a hero or a murderer, to put it bluntly.

Red is power, businessmen like to use it on their ties and we have all heard about the red carpet, red traffic lights, brake lights, red is often used to awaken our reactions. Just think of the phrase; “I saw red”, a clear statement that we are angry, so angry that we might loose our control. In American fotball some teams have tried this out by painting their own locker room in red so they get excited and ready for battle. The guests locker room were painted in blue or pink to make the guest more chilled and calm before the game started, lowering their energy level.

Research shows that  red cars are the most popular targets for carthieves.

If you want to spice up your lovelife, try using red on your bed sheets. It might make it harder to sleep though.

Along with green however, red is given a slightly different meaning, see how well these colors work in terms of Christmas for example.

Red usually have two sides, the devil and cupid.

Hope you find this interesting and that it can make you a little bit more consious in your everyday life. Take a look around you, see where the color red is used, be more aware of the colors of the food you eat, listen to “red” music when you feel the need for letting out some steam and so forth.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy.

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