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I dont consider art as something that should only go well with the interior of the living room. 

My goal is that my art shall reach beyond the limitations of our physical senses and touch our inner beeing, our soul, if you will. I believe that in the creative force there lies an energy that is stronger and more powerful than what our physical senses can percieve. I believe there is energy in colors (every color has its own frequency, between 400-700nm) and that energy affects us in more then one way. Even with our eyes closed we can feel if we are standing in a warm or cold colored room.

I have had exhibitions in Norway and Europe and I tend to get the same reactions everywhere I go, the viewer that is open minded and freespirited, not restricted by physical rules and limitations, feels the energy from the paintings and connects with them in ways I didnt think was possible. To meet viewers that feels the paintings and the energy in them are a true blessing and the reason why I do my best to give an experience to the viewer that he hopefully wont forget.
So be my guest, open your soul and take it all in, strong and vibrant colors may appear heavy to digest, but once you open up and let them do their work, my work is done.

I am a renowned self-taught artist hailing from Trondheim Norway, and began my career as a hobby back in 1985. Since then, I’ve had my artwork published and featured in many magazines and newspaper articles.
At the beginning of my career, I taught at the Gerhard Schoenings school for youth with special social and learning disabilities for 14 years. There I taught a variety of subjects such as painting, drawing, blacksmithing, photography, music, and video work, before leaving that position in 2004 to paint full time.

Exhibitions in 25 galleries across Norway alone, as well in other prominent cities such as Stockholm, Barcelona, Altea, Milano and Prague.
I have also done artwork for special projects for various firms and companies over the years, thats resulted in book productions, illustrations, design and decorations.

Many feel that my artwork is deeply spiritual, but I dont like to label my art, leaving the interpretation up to the viewer. I like to paint whatever comes through and want to be manifested on the canvas. My interests in colors made me study color teraphy to learn more about how the colors affects us in everyday life, and I try to use this knowledge in my artwork.
I do all my work from a personal studio located in the countryside just outside Trondheim, called Studio Laaven. I have my own gallery there, where I holds 3-4 exhibitions every year.

The painting fills the most of my days, but beeing a visual artist, I often takes my camera out in the nature to search for inspiration. The drawing pad is always by my side and I never stop working with new ideas. Beeing a visual artist is more then a job, its a lifestyle. Enjoy your stay here and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my art, classes, prices, exhibitions and private showings: klaug@hotmail.com

View from my studio.


5-10 min drive from Klettkrysset 😉 Follow the signs named Friskgården.

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Studio Låven

Leinbakkan 119

7089 Heimdal



Have a nice day and enjoy.